Ladysmith Youth Advisory Coalition

Agencies serving youth and their families in the Ladysmith area, and local citizens supporting the mandate of the coalition.

-An inclusive, youth friendly community
-Partnerships among youth, parents and community resources
-All youth are respected and integral members of our community

To promote services in Ladysmith and the surrounding area that encourage community participation and partnership supporting the well-being of our youth.

The YOUTH ADVISORY COALITION MEMBER AGENCIES are acknowledged as the coalition of youth services in Ladysmith, working together to ensure effective and coordinated delivery of programs by independent organizations to better meet the needs of Ladysmith youth and their families.

-Support all Youth
-Maintain a directory of youth services
-Provide a supportive venue for communication for youth and youth services
-To support funding opportunities for youth services
-To explore ways to enhance existing services
- To promote efficient and effective youth services